Greetings, Drummers, Modern Shamans!

Santa Barbara CA Area – As a frame drum Circle of women and men of open hearts and healing Spirits, our intention is to celebrate Mother Earth in a mix of Pagan and Native American styles!  We intend to send love and energy to all beings, to strengthen ourselves to do that!  We want to establish a safe place to share deeper connections with others, restore the balance between men and women, share wisdom, create a whole that is greater than the sum of the parts!  We welcome you and thank you for what you bring to our Circle.  Our circle is open to beginners, newcomers, visitors!         

We think of our Circle time in a 2 hour framework so it won’t be tiring and more drummers can come.          

     15 Mins    Set up Altar, Open Circle – Prayers to the Four Directions          

     20 Mins    Personal Sharing, Circle ‘Business’          

     45 Mins    Drumming/Teaching in whatever order the Circle Leader of the day prefers          

     30 Mins    Fingerfood Feast, breaking bread together, getting to know each other better          

     10 Mins    Close Circle          

Some Details!          

  • In addition to frame drums, rattles, shakers, clappers, and flutes are welcome!
  • Notice it says Drumming/Teaching.  We want to learn together, so, each time we will ask a different person to lead our ceremony, and each time ask a different person to share about a 20 minute teaching of the season.
  • If ever any preferences/issues come up about our Circle or a Circle member, please give it good thought.  Bring it, with your solutions, to our next circle – that will be Circle ‘business.’
  • Turtle, Mother Earth, Drum - Four Directions

    Canadian Content says: Studies have shown that vibrations from rhythmic sounds have a profound effect on brain activity. In shamanic traditions, drums were used in periodic rhythm to transport the shaman into other realms of reality. The vibrations from this constant rhythm affected the brain in a very specific manner, allowing the shaman to achieve an altered state of mind and journey out of his or her body .

    Benefits to look forward to?  ‘Drumming induces deep relaxation, lowers blood pressure, and reduces stress. Stress, according to current medical research, contributes to nearly all disease and is a primary cause of such life-threatening illnesses as heart attacks, strokes, and immune system breakdowns. A recent study found that a program of group drumming helped reduce stress and employee turnover in the long-term care industry and might help other high-stress occupations as well.’          

    Looking forward to seeing you again, meeting you if you would love to join us!          

    If your practice is solitary, may it be powerful.

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